The project is developed through six (6) work packages:

WP1. Preparation

  1. Collect the best prpractices in Europe, about relationships with Higher Education´s  Institution (HEI) and enterprises, with collaboration open and distributed (crowdsourcing), and Virtual knowledge transfer networks.
  2. Sharing the informationgathered in the previous point, with partners from Latin America.
  3. Based on informationcollected on previous tems, develop a questionnaire to identify the best mechanisms for increasing cooperation orbetween undertakings and universities using Challenge Academy.
  4. Partners Latinamerica investigate the inter- and s groups and report findings regarding n the main strategy of implementaci of  the Challenge Academy.

WP2. Develop APP Challenge Academy

  1. To determine the requirements TECHNICAL DATA of notebook computers, according to the main findings of the work package 1 WP.1 “Preparation”.
  2. Implement the adjustments required Platform Challenge Academy.
  3. Incorporate mechanisms fidelizaci attraction to platform (gamification).

WP3. Instructor Workshops

  1. Enabling develop courses or n on the following topics:
    1. Business accelerator.
    2. Accelerator innovation
    3. Skills for employability.
  2. Train and advise local staff during step implementaci or n.
  3. Evaluate the pilot and increase the quality.

WP4. Challenge Academy Community

  1. Promote and monitor activitiesé s trav platform.
  2. Develop case studies onhow to use the platform.
  3. Equipping the room at each of the local partners Latinamerica, so they can be used by stakholders and train community members.

WP5. Implement Knowledge Transfer Offices

  1. Develop good practice officeto knowledge transfer.
  2. Organize events with inter-and s groups to discuss the functions of knowledge transfer offices.
  3. The implementation promote  of knowledge transfer offices in Latinamerica.


  1. Adapt the content of meetings for MOOC, to reach as many public.