Representatives of the 13 partner entities of the project were present on the third meeting of LinkYou project, held in Wolverhampton city from 5th to 7th of February 2018.

The agenda included presentations of the Internal Quality Report (January-October 2017), the Communication Activities reported by partners (January-October 2017) and the Financial report (January-December 2017). Also, the Latin American universities shared the main milestones achieved during 2017.

The third face-to-face meeting of LinkYou project partners was held at the University of Wolverhampton (WLV), United Kingdom, from 5th to 7th of February 2018.

The members worked in groups to talk about the implementation of the Challenge Academy platform in the universities and companies from Argentina, Colombia and Peru and the implementation of the workshops by European partners. In addition, there was a presentation of the Challenge Academy App that will be multilingual.

As part of the event, Nigel Birch from WLV presented the Wolverhampton Knowledge Transference Office and the Hereford Centre for Cyber Security Project.

In order to coordinate the future activities, the partners established an action plan for each country and focused on activities planning for the next six months.

“My responsibility is to encourage students to get involved with organizations; we are trying to increase the touch point between the University and a wide business community. We are very pleased to welcome the partners and to show our facilities which are increasingly been developed. We are proud to be part of the initiative and we are very excited about the potential for developing relationships between the institutions. In particular, we are very motivated to develop Challenge Academy. Within the Faculty, last year, over 300 students had an experience in the platform”, said Dr. Robert Harris, Principal Lecturer for Employability on WLV Faculty of Social Sciences.

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